Thursday, April 2, 2009

WOW!!! It's April:)

Well....what have we been doing lately??  We've been getting our nest ready for the little one!  The baby's room is now decorated.  We have baby clothes up past our eyeballs.  We have a diaper changing stations set up.  Our precious bassinett is so cute.  I go into the room everyday and just set in the rocker and listen to baby music.   I find my adorable husband just standing in the room staring. I'm officially 9 months pregnant and have to go to the doctor once a week.  So, basically we're missing one thing in our house.  Actually, a person.  We're waiting (Drew is anxiously waiting...poking my stomach many times a day) for James Calvin to get here.  So, I guess we're ready when he is.  Which I'm starting to hope for sooner rather than later.  Since Calvin's new favorite sport is to kick my kidney like a soccer ball.  Drew claims he is getting me back for bouncing him around while exercising.

Drew has been reading a lot of school things lately, preparing for his cantata, and putting off a 15 page research paper:)  I've been reading my Bradley book, Spring cleaning, cooking, and trying to sit down a little more.  I actually haven't dusted this week so I'm getting better about relaxing.  We had a really great Spring Break.  Besides getting little man's room ready we had lots of small dates around, Shiraz, homemade icecream (which made me sick:)   So, we've been pretty boring.  


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PORKCHOP said...

Don't think that you and drew are the only ones that read this. I will some how find my way on to the blog site every once and a while just to check in and see how you both are doing. I am excited for the both of you all and am praying for both of you as well as Calvin. Can't wait to get to see you and drew soon. The next time I see you two it will probably be you three. Take care!!!