Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Seeing marriage as war

This article is really great. I have believed this with all of my heart since we have been married. God was incredibly gracious to me in allowing Drew and I to sit under a pastor at a very young age that brought these truths to life. I sat in counseling sessions and prepared myself with God's grace for marriage. I've been married for a very very short 2 years now. Seriously, Drew is the most humble, gracious man I know. I believe in a faithful, loving God. BUT MARRIAGE IS STILL HARD!!! We struggle. Everyday Drew and I struggle and we fall short of God's picture of marriage everyday...and we know it. And everyday Drew and I see the grace of God all around us. In our repentance and reconciliation. We are constantly pulling one another back in front of the cross. Both of us are quick to stray from the grace we know to be true. So, we are constantly at war. At war not with each other but for each other. He knows (and he really does) that I need to be sanctified and I know thats true about him to. We need Jesus every single second. We must fight first in our homes. We must hold the marriage covenant high. This is truly how we fight divorce, brokeness, and the thought that homosexual behavior is normal. We must also fight for our brothers and sisters. It's very hard to fight for the church when your family life is a wreck.
I need to focus on Jesus every morning. See His glory and how he saved this wretched sinner. Then it becomes a lot easier to consider Drew more important than me. To understand he is not the issue but this wicked heart is. And then I can also consider everyone around me as more important. Even seventh grade hormonal students:)

I must first above all else fight my sin and honor Jesus as Lord of my life. I'm so thankful for Drew. I need his help with this. And I'm so thankful that he is faithful to the task. Even when he drinks the last sip of water out of my water bottle and I'm crazily pregnant and it's 80 degrees outside. Because hey, what's this saying about my my thirst my god?

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Annie Brainard said...

Little Calvin is blessed that the Lord has provided him with parents who seek to center on the cross. I hope he will be the same type of man! (Especially since he needs to be a good leader in marriage for a certain little girl... if you know what I mean.)