Thursday, May 22, 2008

long time no write

Well...I'm up late after my hubby went to bed. I'm preparing for Jessie's bachelorette party:) And I'm so excited! I made her a tart with the fruit in the shape of a H....hope people can tell it's in that shape.I have really seen some sinful tendencies in me today. I have been a little grumpy and have said harsher words, that definitely don't reflect my love for others. Why do I get so impatient, so quick to jump to conclusions? I can see throughout Scripture and in my own life that the Lord is patient. To steal a line from my daddy, "I should have been dead long ago." The Lord had been gracious to me. He made me. My rebellion is much to often the theme of my life. He has redeemed me and is sanctifying me into the image of His Son. I need to be more like Him. I need to meditate on His loving kindness and patience. I need for my desires to be more and more molded to the desires of His bring glory to my Christ. Praise God that He will accomplish this...not for Amanda but for the sake of His Son. Thank you Jesus for your death and Resurrection. Without you I would be lost in my sinful state not even knowing I was lost. I would be without hope. Discipline is sweet and full of hope. I need discipline. Draw me nearer, nearer, nearer, blessed Lord to thy precious bleeding side. Let my body ache and pant with desires for You.