Thursday, April 23, 2009

A new chapter

Drew and I went to the doctor yesterday. We officially received the "any day now" news. Which I am well aware can mean in 5 minutes or in three weeks:) That's part of the beauty here no earthly being can tell women when or why birth begins. We have all the essentials packed in a bag for 3...which is so weird. The car seat sets in our living room with cute little, dangly toys that he won't play with at first but I just love looking at them. Calvin's diaper bag is fully stocked. Drew is being adorable and quite funny. I get the same question every morning....Are you feeling you think maybe it will be today? I have had to break it to him that I have no radar on when Calvin will make his appearance. I have felt fine and awake almost everyday of the pregnancy, so I'm not expecting to notice a surge of energy.
So, our wonderful pregnancy is coming to a close. Probably not today but sometime in the next 3 weeks. 9 amazing months of being able to feel a little human grow right in my belly. 9 months of dreaming what he will look like and praising God for the word healthy. As it comes to a close a little part of me thinks where did the time go? It seems like just yesterday I was holding a pregnancy stick in front of Drew's face trying to convince him that we were pregnant. Now he's at my belly multiple times a day exclaiming to Calvin that he is ready to see him. There are times that I am really going to miss. Like playing with the little moving object in my belly. Feeling those precious little baby kicks all day long. Drew constantly poking at him to wake him up. Praying over my belly. Knowing that every night he is going to get hiccups as soon as I lay down. It really had been a great 9 months of getting to know our little one in the womb. But it's time to meet him now. To welcome our little man into the world and for our lives to be changed forever. Our home of two will soon officially become 3. So, hello to three weeks of waiting and to the question "Are you still pregnant?"


Annie Brainard said...

AH! Did you just want to cry after writing all of that? I can't wait! Come soon, Calvin!

Alice said...

I can't wait to meet him. Next week works better for me. I just don't want him to come this weekend or Monday. After that anytime would be fine.

Katie said...

Well this made me cry. I can't wait to meet him too.