Thursday, January 19, 2012

Goal Setting 2012:)

I haven't blogged in 5,000 years. But my kids are sleeping and I have had a few questions from close friends about how I structure/goal set. So, I'm just going to put it on here and send peeps here:) I have enjoyed reading through the blog. Most of the posts are when we were living in Louisville with only Calvin. We are in Glasgow now with two babies:)

Drew and I believe in goal setting. We run a pretty structured home. Makes life more predictable and easy for everyone (most of the time!)

Looking back at 2011:

I think it was a healing year for me in so many ways. (part of the reason I haven't blogged in a while. I don't want my personal struggle with grief out there for everyone:) Ask me personally and I'll talk for days:)

We had our second baby! Yay for Phillip Silas Krutza!!!! Our marriage grew. We are more in love than ever and seem to grow each year in understanding sacrificial, covenantal love. We are so thankful that God has graced us with each other. We watched as Calvin became a little man. We've hit our knees hard pleading for grace to parent a toddler in love and wisdom.

We have grown in grace and the gospel. We went to camp this year with our youth and heard JD Greear speak (sp?). We were so challenged to let go of the law that we so easily cling to and REST in our marriage, parenting, etc. We are still growing and will for the rest of our lives but...I could also talk for days here.

We bought a home. Tightened our budget to save more since we paid a down payment. I went back to teaching two classes. Cal has gone to preschool. God is good and I have actually enjoyed a little outing each day.

Looking ahead: ( I mean this is what I was planning on writing about.)

We're busy people and unless we set down together and set goals then we will not have anywhere to aim.

We break our goals into categories: Spirtual (individual), marriage, parenting, giving/serving, saving, and health. Everyone does this differently!

I'm going to share a few (some are not really open to share with everyone;)

Spiritual (Mine)

Our church is reading through the Bible in a year. We want to do this too:)

Read 1 other book a month. (I have a list...too long.) I have read Family Worship and I'm reading through Worship Matters now;)


Sunday night study together. Our Bible plan has a day off on Sunday night. We will read a book out loud together. Usually a marriage book---Driscoll, Piper- married peoples books;)

Monthly date night

5 year anniversary trip:):):)


Date night once a quarter.
Nightly prayer, Bible Study, singing time.
Continue catechisms and scripture memory.
Committed to being home 3 nights a week-trying 4 but we know that won't happen each week.

we also have some for each one of them. Since Cal's reflect a few issues we are having I will protect his little privacy:)


Continue Compassion Child-consider a few extras.
Fund 2 "special needs"
Mission trips
others involve church stuff;)

A specific dollar amount
Open me a IRA

Cut white sugar, flour
Exercise-a specific goal

I keep these in a folder right below our calendar. We review them each month. I also transfer onto a monthly sheet that gets posted on the fridge right next to this weeks menu. It's all hand written and in my own lingo:) Works different for everyone but I really do believe specific goals set your mind on being disciplined by God's grace. We don't freak out when we dont meet a goal. But we desire to live simply and intentionally.

I can't believe I just had time to write a blog post!