Wednesday, April 8, 2009

It's a window in the world...

Disclaimer: I stole the title from an Andrew Peterson song that speaks to things we see in a day that point us to a greater reality that there is an eternity.

I was at Seminary yesterday riding the bike and listening to music while Drew was in class. When I'm there I sometimes see this older couple come in. Today for some reason I became a little bit of a people watcher and almost cried. The couple is probably in their late 70's and they come quite often to the Seminary to work out. I have no idea their names or their story. I observed the couple walking in hand in hand. The women going to the eliptical and the man heading for the track to walk. The track is above the work out room. Each time he would make a lap you would see him peeking down to make sure his wife was fine. He then came down stairs. They used the machines together. Each time he would adjust the machine for his wife. They very rarely spoke a word while working out. She knew that he would adjust the weight for her so she would stand by and then get on the machine and do her crunches or leg presses. After a few reps on a couple of the machines they got up joined hands again and walked out. First, it is seriously impressive that they are still working out. Second, their love was totally obvious. I wondered afterwards why I was so struck by their actions. Love is action. It's not merely in words. We often here "I love you" but it is more rare to see it displayed before our eyes. Words are easy, actions speak. There is a part of me that loves real love stories like this one. I believe it's because I got to see a window today. When marriage is displayed well it is beautiful. When Christian love is displayed well it is beautiful. I need to be reminded of how different the children of God should look. It was so comforting to see an couple who I assume have been married for many years working as a team, displaying love in the simplest ways to all those around them. I need more of these windows and I need to become a window more often.

Also, while exercising I thought about Easter. What a time of year to reflect on the glory and insanity of the cross. It should seem unbelievable to our ears that the perfect Son of God bore the wrath of God to redeem sinners. To redeem me, to redeem you. What love. How deep the Father's love for us. We need to be meditating on the goodness and reality that we serve a King who bore our sin and ROSE!!! He is risen indeed. We serve a living Lord who was not held down by death. He is our victory. He is our only hope. He is our crucified and RISEN Lord. Oh that we would not take the cross for granted. To see the blood of Christ as precious. To hold the fact that he bore our punishment as all we have. To live in light of Him being RISEN. To celebrate the empty tomb. To understand what this all means. Help us Lord. Prepare us for Sunday. Prepare us to celebrate. Bring revival among your land. For we so need it Lord. To understand what the death and reserection means. And what we were left here to do. May we be so close to the cross this week that we walk around with blood spots from our Lord on our faces.

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