Friday, October 24, 2008

Good Times in Clifty

Oh yes ladies and gentleman we are wrapping up our fall excursion in Clifty Falls, IN.  The leaves are changing, the temperature has dropped twenty degrees, and now we get ready to go home.  I have often wanted to cling to the last day of a vacation as if my relaxation and comfort were the be all end all.  But since I have been married this is not the case.  My life is asleep in the bed next to me and will go home with me tomorrow.  In the last two days the Lord has refreshed me through time in his word and time with my wife.  I love to laugh with her, whether its about the horrendous meal we had at MAVERICKS tonight (which punished our bowels) or illegally stealing dead wood from a national park.  She is the light of my life and a walking jukebox.  Last night she put me to shame identifying songs on the radio.  She is especially great at changing the lyrics of a song to fit a given mood of a situation.  I chuckle when she sings, "You are the wind beneath my... Butt."  Now thats true love!