Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Baby on speed

Many of you who have meet my little man know that he's well...a bit active (too say the least!)  Somedays I think he might kill me.  I do enjoy him being active.  He's so fun.  I can chase him all day and he always laughs really hard.  BUT I can not leave him alone for 1 second.  If I did he would probably tear the house down.    Let's just take a trip down his progression of activity levels.  

1 day old-holding up his head.  Not kidding.  He would also turn his head sharply at any small sound.  

9 weeks old- He rolled.  Not once. He kept rolling.  He would take him awhile, but he would roll.

12 weeks- rolling both sides.  Rolling to get things now:) 

I can't remember when he sat up..but it was early.

6 months, 1 day.  Crawling...everywhere:)

6 months, 3 weeks- pulling up to his feet.

8 months-(which would be now).  Into everything.  Hitting his head constantly.  I call him puppy...his always at my feet.  When he's hungry he babbles "mommma" and crawls to me.  He's such a momma's boy.  I walk out of the room and he cries.  He goes crazy during his independent play time.  Which I have to admit is pretty cute;)

My son is a ham and he's crazy.

1.  He has called 911.  At like 6 months old.  He finds Drew's phone and I'm guessing he hold down 9.  The emergency response calls us back.

2.  While walking past a little old lady with white hair.  He decides to reach out and grab to her hair.  She starts screaming ouch and I look behind me and Cal is pulling her with us by her hair.  After this day I started pulling his hair when he pulled mine.

And many, many other things.  The kid is insane, a great sleeper, loves his momma and dada, is smiley, has SO much personality, loads of fun.  When I lay my head down at night...I've had a run for my money.

I love this kid....and I love him growing up...I love watching him change and his sweet personality coming out more and more each day.  

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