Monday, January 25, 2010

Almost 9 months:)

I was at a birthday party for a little boy that I just love at our church when another mom looked at me and said "You'll be doing this soon."  I've been thinking today about the past 9 months and how fast they have flown by.  I think I have learned a few things.  Like everything we do in life, I love the way we have done some things and I will do some things differently if/when God gives us another little blessing.

1.  Having a baby young.  We love being young parents.  We got lots of rude comments when pregnant.  "Wow. That was fast." "You didn't have much time together."  "Babies make everything harder."  ETC.!!!!  We have found none of these to be true.  We're still very in love, love being parents, take time out to just spend together.  WE HAVE ABSOLUTELY LOVED BEING YOUNG PARENTS!!!!!  I'm a proud 23 year old with a cute little 9 month old.  It's what God had for us and we're so thankful.

2.  Babywise.  I'm not a babywise freak.  I have many wonderful friends who do things differently.  I'm really into doing what's best for you and your baby.  For me and mine we will always have a schedule.  I work on a schedule.  I found my little man does too.

3.  Living in the moment.  I feel looking back that for the most part we have done this well.  We have really enjoyed Cal this year.  Every new step we have both been there for, gooing at our little man hand in hand.  I'm so thankful that the Lord has allowed us to really enjoy him this far.  

4.  Reserving time for family.  Drew is bi-vocational.  It gets hard.  Saturdays for the most part are our day.  Night time we spend it together.  We do very little actually at night.  I cook dinner, we eat together, we hang out and watch some movies.  We do hang out with friends, church family, but we keep the 3 of us at at the highest priority.

5.  Asking your spouse for help.  I'm madly in love with Drew and he's a GREAT dad.  We do things together.  Even if it's at 3 in the morning with a sick baby.  We're both up, taking care of the squeak, encouraging the other one.  We have found the Lord is gracious by giving one of us the strength and piece of mind to stay sane.  

6.  Calvin- We couldn't have asked for a better baby:)  We sometimes tear up just by looking at him.  He has been the greatest blessing.  He has opened so many doors for the gospel.  And he has helped us to combat horrible abortion in Louisville.  

7.  Being a stay at home mom.  We don't drive the nicest car and we don't eat out every night.  It's not easy or luck.  It's hard.  We coupon, shop sales, I cook 6 nights a week, Drew always packs his lunch.  BUT it's all worth it.  It was our choice.  I love staying in my pj's most days.  I would not change this for the world.  Thank you Lord for providing Drew a job where I can stay home.


1.  Breathe-  The first two weeks of mothering are well....exhausting.  My journals these first two week don't even makes sense.  Next time I hope to breathe more.  And realize I will once again sleep.

2.  Cuddle up that baby in the middle of the night/Cherish the 3 am feeding.  THe 3 am feeding was my prayer time.  It was sweet.  I read lots of Scripture.  I felt carried by our gracious Lord.  I hope to enjoy this more next time around.  And I miss cuddling Calvin.  This was really the only time he would really cuddle up and I miss it.

3.  Get used to the crying- It's the way babies talk.  I'm pretty used to it now.  And I hope to stay that way.  So, the babies will stop.  The baby  will fall asleep and if not turn the music up loud and have a dance party.  Drew and I have often turned up the music and laughed.  

4.  Don't freak out about a missed nap.  The grocery store is a must, people will stop by and be loud, etc.  I've become a lot more laid back (okay, sometimes I still freak out).  I hope to stay laid back and understand the big picture.

5.  More date nights.  Drew and I have always loved staying home.  We've only been out by ourselves like 3 times since the baby has been born.  Hopefully, I can let the next one out of my sight a little more.

6.  BE MORE BLUNT ABOUT RUDE COMMENTS-  I usually just smile when people say something about the blessing children are.  No, I'm not planning on having 20.  YES, I love children.  Yes, he cries.  Yes, I plan to have more.  No, I don't know how many.  Yes, we use birth control sometimes.  Yes, I HATE ABORTION.  No, I don't care about over-population.  No, I haven't figured out how to put another baby in our 2 bedroom apartment.  Yes, I trust Jesus and know he'll tell me when my child bearing years are finished...I don't know what this means.  We're still figuring it out.  I don't think two is the perfect number nor do I think 20 is.  Leave us alone:)  But just to put you at rest we plan on having 5.4 children in the next 10.4 years.  

7.  Help other mommas out more and be more compassionate about infertility.  Enough said.

Thanks for reading.  It's our 9 months in review.  I will try not to be the teary mom on his first birthday.  I STINKIN LOVE THIS CHILD!!!!!!!!

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