Thursday, March 25, 2010

Thankful for...

We've had a rough couple weeks. I don't plan on writing all of my inside feelings down on the blog. Maybe in a few years.

But when push comes to shove or you're living in the valley you get thankful for things. So, in the midst of deep grief and sadness I'm thankful for...

1. Sustaining grace: Enough said. I would die without Jesus. He is my hope.

2. Sisters: I love, love my sisters (and my bros too;) I have always known I could not do life without them. But now I know it even more. They are my best buddies. They are very different and very similar. We share a bond that will never be broken. Even though I refuse to get "sistas 4 life" tatooed on my rear. I'm the one thats holding out. And I fully expect to one day be kidnapped by the crazy pair and dragged into a tatoo parlor. I have been so proud of the both of them lately and the wonderful women that they are. I have needed them so much and well they've been there. I have missed them both b/c I'm the freak that lives the farthest away.

3. Hubbies- I love mine. He's my bestest bud and he gets me. He's a servant. He lives life with me, even the hard parts. I also love my sissies hubbies. They are just what they need. I'm so thankful we have great hubbies.

4. Chocolate- Yes, I have eaten much of it lately. I LOVE chocolate. It's good for the soul.

5. My baby that's sleeped trained. Disagree with me all you want. Go ahead. Sleep training has been such a blessing. I can leave Cal and I know he will fall asleep for Godzilla if he had to. He has slept in so many places lately. It has been a blessing. I'm so thankful I did sleep training. We all got good sleep even in weird places. It makes grief much easier. And now that he has RSV (another post, another time) I'm even more thankful. He is only waking up once for a breathing treatment and then going back to sleep at night (thank you Lord.) Sleep is good.

6. Cooking- I LOVE cooking. I have tried applesauce bread this week. All whole wheat made with honey no white anything. YUMMY. We ate the whole loaf. Cooking is good.

7. PJ's. With RSV we don't go anywhere. I'm well aware that there could be a chronic lung patient the next aisle over in Target. So, Cal has been confined to the house. Well, one walk. And when a little girl was coming to touch the "baby." I calmly looked at her mom and said "he has rsv." which is similiar to announcing that your child has the plague. Pj's are wonderful.

8. Laughter- I think I realize the goodness of laughter even more everyday. Life is funny. Life is hard. Laugh. To prove my point. I was trying to clean this nasty house with my RSV infant following behind me or really tugging at my leg and babbling bye, bye momma, momma. So, he finally seemed busy with one of his toys (or so I thought.) I had just gotten done cleaning our bedroom and came back into the living room and found my sweet child with chocolate all over his face licking the spoon that Drew had "forgotten" to take to the dishwasher last night after he had eaten his chocolate chip cookies. Cal gave me a big grin as if to say "MMM chocalate is good, please don't spank me." I laughed my face off, picked Cal up, washed his face. (Calvin did not think it was funny when I took the yummy spoon away.)

9. Law and oder SVU-good show. I have to be careful b/c I can get freaked out.

Cal's turning one!

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