Sunday, August 23, 2009

My heart is breaking for you

Gather Round, Ye Children Come Listen to the Old, Old Story.........

God made man in His image.  Adam and Eve lived with God in perfect unity.  They ate freely from the tree of Life.  Adam and Eve walked with God.  The reality of God was before their faces.  Adam and Eve rebelled against their Creator and the lover of their souls.  Adam and Eve  were cast out of the garden.  They could no longer eat from the tree of Life.  Death, terror, murder, anxiety, rape, hunger entered the world.  The horror Adam and Eve must have felt can not be thought of.  They remembered what they had left and they knew they must raise their children in this fallen world.  We are the sons of Adam and Eve.  Far removed from the garden.  We still live in a fallen world.  We read the stories of the priests offering sacrifices for the sins of the people.  We see the picture from early on in Genesis that blood must be paid for sins.  Sin must be punished.  God in His great mercy sent His Son to redeem His children back to Himself.  His Son came, lived a perfect life,  took on the sins of all those who would believe, He died, but on the third day, HE ROSE.  He rose victorious over sin.  God's children can now return to Him.  No more would the blood of animals be needed.  The blood of Christ paid the penalty in full.  For everyone who would repent and believe new life is offered.  The children of God now have full access to the true of life once more through the blood of Christ.  How good is this story, how true is this story.  I forget this story.  I take this story for granted.  I forget it when I go to sleep at night.  Won't you remind me in the morning.  Won't you remind me of reality?  The reality that Christ is truly Risen and seated at the Right hand of God the Father.  That we serving a living Christ, a loving Christ.  

We must get back to the basics.  Scripture is true.  The story that God has penned really does penetrate hearts and transform sinners.  I need no other knowledge outside of the saving knowledge of God's word.  Is the story making a difference in your life?  Is it making a difference in my life?  Do I daily remember the story?  It tells me all I need to know:  where I came from, where I am now, and where I am headed.  

We get into trouble when we leave the story.  When we venture beyond the Word.  Philosophy will not save the soul.  The gospel that I make up or even the one I believe won't save the soul.  The gospel of Jesus Christ, found in the inspired Word of God will save the soul.  

Don't forsake the Word of God.  Don't venture beyond it's pages.  To the seminarian who spends all day huddled over a book, who can recite the 5 points of Calvinism but can't remember the last time he/she shared the gospel....return to the pages of Scripture.  We are called to action.  To the postmodern believer...STOP, return to the literal, inspired Word of God.  Don't forsake truth.  Don't by into Satan's lies that all roads lead to the same place or the notion that God will let everyone in.  Read the pages of Scripture.  Cling to the story, forsake lies, be moved to action.  Scream at the top of your lungs like the prophet Ezekiel..."Why would you die O man, why would you die."

I have often found that people tend to cling to one verse of Scripture.  I do believe this is beneficial.  But how much more beneficial to cling to the story as a whole.  We need the whole story.  Example:  If you go on visit someone in the hospital.  Don't run in with Romans 8:28...they are living this fact there hearts probably ring truer with the truth of this verse than yours.  Take the story.  The reason why sickness feels so wrong is because we were made for eternity.  We weren't meant for sickness.  Sickness is a result of the fall.  But God has redeemed and has a purpose even in sickness.  Our bodies will be raised one day.  Our souls have been remade.  Now we cry, death where is your sting.  Because we are headed back to Eden.  This is reality....Christ is victorious even over sickness.

I love the song below:  Remember it's true.  Live life in the reality of Jesus the story He has written.  Tell yourself it's true..

In your heart you hope it's true
Though you hold no expectation
In the deepest part of you
there's an open hesitation

But it's true
Kingdoms and crowns
The God who came down
To find you

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