Sunday, February 17, 2008

yraurbeF 71

We have had a really good week. Katie's 21st b-day was Wednesday. We went out to eat on Thursday to celebrate! And then Alice came over after Bible Study. Friday we had the joy of keeping our nephew. He is adorable as the picture above shows. He has taught us so much in his 3 years of to pray from the pit of my stomach, to lay my anxiety before the cross, and so much more. He always brings a smile to my face. He has a way of capturing all of me when he is around. Katie came over to hang out with us again on Friday. Then Nicki, Timmy, Jessie, and Miah came to pick Isaiah up. So, Drew and I had the privelige of having all of our siblings in our 600 square foot apartment. We are so thankful for each one of our brothers/sisters. Our families are growing quickly and each addition makes our family more complete. (can't wait to welcome Katie's hubby into the family one day;)..hehe Saturday I went with Jessie to look for bridesmaids dresses...had a great time. Got to also spend time with my mom and all of the bridesmaids. I'm am looking forward to June 7th! Saturday we hung out with some of our best friends...what a blast! Drew played with one of his best friends tonight at church (also known as Roscoe).

So, this week has been wonderful...full of time with family and friends. What a great God we have. He calls us into realationship with His Son and with each other. May He be glorified as we enjoy Him and each other.

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