Friday, February 8, 2008

Happy B-day Hubby! is Feb. 8th 2008...DREW KRUTZA'S 23RD B-DAY!

So, I hope you a have a wonderful birthday, Drew! (Since you and I are probably the only people who read this thing)

I thought I would write out my top 5 things I'm thankful for. (Cheesy...yes, but hey?)

5. The way Drew leaves his towel on the floor....

4. When my feet are cold at night I can warm them up on Drew:) Which he loves.

3. He's super athletic. I'm really not. BUT hey we have fun trying together. Drew now wants to take up tennis.

2. He's hillarious..if you know him you know this is true. He makes me laugh all the time. My favorite quote. Drew said this while looking at young children: "Isn't it weird that boys and girls have the ingredients to make babies." I'm looking forward to a lifetime of laughs.

1. He's humble. He's so talented and walks humbly before our Lord. He leads our home and loves others humbly.

So, Happy B-day. I love you more than a fat kid loves cake;)


Katherine said...

Happy Birthday Drew!

josh howerton said...

I'll heartily agree with any praise of Drew "James" Krutza. Happy Birthday to one of the most quality guys I've ever met!

Roscoe said...

First Drew, really, pick up your towel. huh!!!
Second, a mouse trap would take care of the cold feet thing
Third, Tennis?!!! I mean really. Take of your skirt and try something manly
Fourth, you need to be more specific on "ingredients"
Fifth, I suppose the humble thing is true
AND last, do you thing some fat kids don't like cake. Maybe they are meat eaters and not sweet eaters.

Travis said...


1) Drew's nakey somewhere!
2) A mouse trap might catch something other than feet
3) Skirts rock in tennis cause you can put the extra tennis ball in your underwear
4) As long as the ingredients are organic
5) WAY too humble, SON!

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