Sunday, February 24, 2008


At long last we have found out who the culprit named Roscoe actually is. He is also known as Jeremy Moran. Although the comment he made was funny, my reply will be on a more serious note. Let me tell you about this fella... theres nobody better. We got to hang out and watch a UK game the other night, and I caught myself thinking about the integrity and character that I so much appreciate in Jeremy. The phrase "joy for the gospel" comes to mind when I see Jeremy at church or anywhere for that matter. He has a God given ability to reach out to others. He has reached out to me numerous times. I have always felt encouraged when leaving a conversation with the man. I think Jeremy exemplifies a love that is found all over the bible. I think about how Paul and Timothy labored and longed to see so many churches they had planted. I can invision that love looking like the relationships Jeremy has with so many people. Jeremy's love for others has always been preceded by a deeper love, that of Christ. The light of Christ shines ever so brightly through him and spurns me on towards being more like Christ.

What a joy to have a brother in Christ to exhort and encourage me in my own walk. So often I have taken relationships like this one for granted. I pray that God would give me love for my brothers and sisters like Paul had for the Thessalonians and ultimately a love like Christ. Later Roscoe....