Thursday, January 6, 2011

Happy Birthday Buddy.


In 5 days, it's your birthday. I missed you at Thanksgiving and Christmas. It really wasn't the same without you. I really miss you this week. I always loved your birthday parties. I loved buying you presents and watching you open them. I miss the way you loved balloons. I'm so sad that next Tuesday we will gather together to celebrate your life but we won't be watching your face light up as we sing Happy Birthday to you. I miss you especially this week as I think about the would be six year old nephew that I long to hold. I'm so thankful for your life and I know this year is really your best birthday yet. I know that instead of your family singing to you that you are joining with the saints praising your Creator. I know your grave speaks a false reality and that you are more alive than you have ever been. I know that you don't desire balloons, fire trucks, guitars, your lab puppy, or even your lion because you stand in the presence of our beautiful Jesus and you are fully satisfied and complete.
We will remember you buddy. I promise to tell Calvin and Silas about you. I promise to love on your brother with all of my might. I will hug your parents, grandparents, and Jessie as we remember the most special boy I have ever known. I know you don't miss us but I sure miss you. Life without you is harder than any of us had imagined. But we will live and hope in the Jesus that you now see face to face. And we will remember all the special moments we had with you.

With all my love,
Aunt Amanda

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