Thursday, July 30, 2009

wow...i can't believe it's almost AUGUST!!

Where has the summer gone????  Can you believe it's almost August??  I'm sitting here looking at my hubby prepare for a new school year.  It seems like just yesterday we were weathering the ice storm and my belly was huge.  We were longing for summer to be here and to meet our little squirt.  Now, the summer is almost over and I can't imagine life without Baby Cal.  We have had absolutely the BEST summer ever.  We have spent so much time together.  Had tons of walks, tons of late nights, and really been blessed to have been able to have so much time to get used to our house of 3.  Drew and I have been able to watch our son grow from a 7 pound squirt to a 16 pd. chunk.  We are so in love with him.  We fight over who gets to go in a get him up to eat.  We both love how cute and snuggly he is when you pick him up...we both want to be the one who gets the first smile after a long nap.  Our friends (Annie and Eli) had a precious baby girl a few days ago...who will one day be my daughter in law:)  She is so cute.  We both couldn't believe how little she was.  I still think of Calvin as being a few days old.
He's 3 months old...that is so INSANE!!!!  He rolls over and smile and coos.  He has just started laughing.  I adore this age.  I love it more and more every day.  I love being a momma.  And I love watching Drew be a Daddy.  He is such a natural.  We have approached everything in our marriage as teamwork and parenting has been no different.  We have grown even closer and fallen more in love over these past 3 months.  There is no way I could do this without him.  I am so excited about our life together and one day meeting the rest of our babies:)

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